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Welcome boss, i found a perfect location for our base. The core seems to be broken, we need to get resources to fix it. We’ll do that by taking over the city grid. Tap or press and hold to deploy units. Use energy to build a commander laboratory to unlock a commander. We unlocked our first commander but he will need some assistance. Build a soldier laboratory to unlock goons. Now we can recruit more units. Instead of waiting, you can use gems to finish the recruitment instantly.

Dystopia Modern Empires hack

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Use your commander and soldiers to take over tha base. With resources you gro from the last battle we can finally fix the core. That will unlock new buildings. We can now set up our own resource production. Lets build a cash manager so we can produce our own cash. Besides cash we will need energy to recruit and unlock new soldiers. Remember to collect resources from the managers regullary, they get full pretty fast.

Dystopia Modern Empires cheats, hack codes

Our production is set but the core is still mot operational. We need more grid power! We need to take over more districts to gain more power. You won “Junker’s Chest guard, Heavy” from the last battle. Equip Bjorn with it to make him stronger. It will increase his Hit points and will allow him to take more damage from defences. One more thing Boss - let’s take a look at the quests. By now you know all the essentials, but here you can find some good suggestions on what to do next.
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Reach the core level 3. New activities and building are available! With these advancements, we will be able to build walls. Walls are a really important structure for defending against attackers. Try to place them around your base for best results. We are very happy to have you as a new member of our community, and hope that this game will provide you with a lot of exciting experiences! Here is a small welcoming gift to get you settled in.

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