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Earth WARS Retake Earth Game story: in the year 2020, Earth was invaded by an unknown hostile organism known only as the E.B.E. Nation after nation fell under the onslaught from the E.B.E. Currently, seventy percent of the united states is under E.B.E control. Modern weapons were no match for the power of the E.B.E leaving humanity helpless. Mankind is exhausted, and on the brink of extinction. But there is one last hope.
By fusing E.B.E body tissue with metal, we have developed a superior class of bioarmor. Through an intricate surgical operation, our elite force, the “A.N.T.I” troops, were able to harness the power of this new weapon. Through the bravery of the A.N.T.I, we managed to take out a Baron class E.B.E for the firt time! Finally, there was hope.

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In the wake of this victory, humanity has mounted a large scale counteroffensive. Our hopes now lie with the new found power of the A.N.T.I.
It’s time you learned about the next step in our war against the E.B.E. We’re calling this operation “New dawn” as it marks a new chapter in humanity’s story. Our target is one of the E.B.E habitats - or “Nests”. Our aim is to seize the enemy’s energy transport plant located within the Alaska nest. Survey the area, locate the enemy, and destroy them! This will signal the start of humanity’s counteroffensive, we must not fail!

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Move with direction button and jump with jump button. Press boost button and enter a direction with direction button to boost. The bodies of E.B.E.s are composed of gaseous cells. By collecting these, you can increase your capacity. Capacity are the points necessary to set skills. By collecting more capacity, you can set more skills. Made contact with enemy E.B.E. Enemy encounter is incoming! When you make contact with an enemy wave, your area movements will be restricted. You need to destroy all E.B.E in the area to clear the enemy wave.
Active crystals are crystals generated from the body fluid of E.B.E coming into contact with the air. This become the energy necessary for crafting and enhancing weapons.
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Other than defeating characters in battle, you can also disassemble materials to obtain active crystals. By defeating enemies you can collect material. By collecting the materials, you can develop new weapons. You can collect multiple materials from 1 E.B.E. Rare materials may drop so collect as many as you can. Repeatedly press the attack button to launch a combo. When your enemy is close to death, you can inflict a fatal blow. Get close to an enemy with low HP and press attack button. A fatal blow will defeat an enemy with one attack regardless of the enemy’s remaining HP. An enemy may drop rare materials if you defeat them like this.

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