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“ There is a fish in the Northern Sea named Kun. Kun is so large it is beyond comprehension. Kun turned itself into a bird named Peng. Peng’s wingspan is so broad that it is immeasurable.
He Lian: “Beyond comprehension? Immeasurable? Kun is just a little fish. The so-called wings of old that cover thousands of kilometers are not real at all...”
Shen Yue: “Hey, i am only a infant, so please don’t be so calculating with me!” Chi Yang: “hey stop reciting your poetry, i am about to fall off! Phew, why is Kunpeng’s back so slippery? I almost fell to my death. Oh no it started moving again!”
Shen Yue: “The wind here is blowing even more intensely. Kunpeng can’t take much more of this. Look, there is a ship ahead of us!” “

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Characters: dragonist, mohist, Gui Gu, Starry, Tian Shu, Shen Nong.

Hongmeng pot: before the hongmeng pot is opened, there are 3 pots in the Eastern Sea, i.e. Fanghu, Penglai and Yinghu. These pots are inhaling wind and dew day and night. When fighting against Chi You, the yellow emperor collected the three magic pots and refined them into the magic weapons, used with magic breath to subdue the beast in the world.

Monster blood stained Jade: at first, Taoists refined the blood of mythical beasts using a secret method. The demonic blood lingered in the world. Controlled by an evil spell, it began to lure mankind, divining them mad. A mysterious force kep refining the monster blood stained Jade, and took control of the mythical beasts. Reports of mythical beats attack rise everywhere.

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Dear gamers, new MMORPG is ready to launch! You can download it on the google play and the app store! In order to welcome you to this mystical world we have prepared lavish gifts. Come to claim your gift code and start your legendary adventure! To celebrate the new game, we prepared some awesome events and offers:
1. Log in each day for the first 7 days to get awesome rewards! You can get the SSR companions “white night” on the second day and get exclusive epic gear on the 7th day.
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4. Receive amazing gifts with top-up events! Get rare mount, back wear, epic gear and valuable items. For more legendary items, pleach use codes.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You can use 3 clan requests in the "quiz of five" task. Remember to ask help from your clan mates if you encounter any problems.
  • Select target to attack - use the skill, hold to view description.
  • Slide your finger to adjust the angle. Spread your fingers to enlarge the screen.
  • You seem to have some connection with the artifact, which awakened an ancient spell of unlocking within your memory. Try to recall the spell and draw the charm from memory.
  • The unlocked pet can be summoned from the hongmeng pot.
  • If you like someone, you can follow him/her by clicking the avatar.

Echo of Phantoms tips
Hack cheats tutorial Echo of Phantoms(wiki):
  • If you're already gain companion - therefore this one will be automatically converted into corresponding shards. The redundant shards can be disassembled at the shard hall and be exchanged at the shop.
  • 10 recruitment in a row guarantees a SR or higher companion.
  • In arenam you can check your rival's HP. Know your enemy is a key to victory.

Echo of Phantoms tutorial

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fix error with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.
If you encounter game crashes, you can try close the game in the background or restore your phone.
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