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Egg Heroes Saga cheat world: thank you very much for helping us drive bad guys, but who are you? How come you look like us so much? We are just you, but we are you of the future. YOu can't loaf about in the village any longer in the future, otherwise you won't be able to defeat henchmen just now. Besides, a commander comes from a differet world, to will guide you better in the future.

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It seems that we have to become mightier otherwise our homeland will be demolished. I heard that the department concerned is the most powerful, even the property developers are afraid of it. So let's set up an organization hist called "department concerned". Let's go kill monsters to upgrade levels first.

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Class - this is professional information, Mulan is a shooter, Guan Yu is a guardian. Shooter - high physical attack and attack speed. Skill incredible force - ranged attacks cannot be dodged. Even numbered attacks stun the target. Rage skill - stun chance increased to 100% for 8 seconds. The closer the target, the longer the stunning.

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Class assasin - highest physical damage, dodge and move speed. Signature Hattori Hanzou - people think i caused all this chaos, but they never judge themselves. To dodge question is always. Skill flashing shadow - gain 40% dodge rate after the battle strart, which is lowered by 20% when repelled each time. Rage skill - attack and move speed doubled.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Hero: Li bai - alcoholic swordmaster, gain 130% crit rate increase after battle strats. Lowered by 20% each time he attacks. A critical hit has 45% lifesteal effect. Guan Yu - bound to attack critically when his hp is higher then his enemy's. Hattori Hanzou - gain dodge rate after the battle starts, which is lowered by 20% when repelled each time.

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Tutorial (wiki): berserkers' movement speeds are second only to assassins. After the rage value is full, you can use the rage skills in the next adventure battle. Rational use of the rage skills can give the hero the greatest energy.

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