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Hack El Chavo Kart: cheat List
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Game Story
Touch left or right on the screen to control your kart. Don't worry about the speed, your kart will do automatically. Pass over the barrels to obtain power ups. Press button to use the power up. Press quickly twice and keep your finger on the screen to drift. Keep your finger on the screen until the drift bar is full. You get a boost every time you complete a drift.
El Chavo Kart Hack Basics
Let's improve drift, start a drift and press the other side of the screen to adjust the direction. Stop pressing to stop drifting. Press the other side of the screen to adjust your direction while drifting. Cards pack - you will get cards from characters, karts and tires when you open one. You will need to wait top open the card packs or your can open them with some coins.
Hint & Tips
1. You will be able to upgrade any of 3 abilities of each character, kart or tires when you get 5 cards of each specific one.
2. Buy a cards pack - win them you'll have 60% more possibilities of getting cards you don't have.
3. Customize - in this screen you can personalize your avatar and kart. There are several stickers that you can buy and put on the front, back or sides of your kart.
4. You can also customize the fumes when you drift.
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Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date05 October 2020
Last Modified05 October 2020
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