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Free hack EL CHRONICLE cheats code list - gold, energy, legendary hero, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. EL CHRONICLE cheat world: earth breathes life into every living creature, and their spirits become stars, illuminating the night sky. A new hero's star just started shining. Darkness has encroached upon this world. Please bring back peace for us. I came here to guide you in person and protect that record.


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You must be suicidal, leaving behind such good equipment before fighting your first battle with monsters. You'll encounter stronger monsters as you go on your journeys. So, make good use of the equipment you find from battles to protect yourself. Complete the challege achievemts for each hero and get rewards.

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Before you step into danger, why don't you test your luck at the summon shop? To us Baeknangs, nothing's more important than revelations from the stars and the heavens. Astrologer Verdandi will give you an incredible gift. Summon equipment and runes- hero option granted for heroes, will be summoned. All heroes can be recruited from the inn.


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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Connect to different heroes in the inn and recruit them into your party. Fully upgraded heroes can be evolved. Select gladiator battle and have 1:1 matches with others.
Tutorial EL CHRONICLE(wiki): Ancient runes add secondary traits that are helpful for gameplay. The beastkin girl wearing the gauntlet is more timid than ske looks. When you fight a formidable monster, it's important that you attack it with the right element. Want to link an account? Tap options on the upper right side of the screen.

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