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Discovered some eggs. What are those? They look like dinosaur eggs. Only the chosen human can awaken them! Elmons are born! Basics: monsters attack in the order that their yellow AP gauge is filled. The higher a monster’s INT, the faster it attacks. Let’s launch a preemptive strike and teach enemy a lesson. This time let’s learn how to set up teams and use hack cheats. Tap the monster menu, then manage teams button. Select the another pet. Select the first slot. You can create up to 3 teams. You have been registered as leader el monster. Good job. Now, tap the X button to go back to the lobby.

El Monster Island hack

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Actually, you can just tap the lobby button on the bottom right side of the screen. El Monster Island Adventure mode is also fun, but i’ll tell you about it later. For now, let’s go to story mode. Enter pass gVvvFx - now that we’ve obtained a monster, somehow, let’s go upgrade Luna. Tab the monster menu. Characters can be upgraded as many times as their grade +1. Let’s use the Kopi that we picked up as the upgrade material. Tap upgrade button - increase material monsters’ grades. Your success chance will increase. We should use everything we have. This is good because grade 2 monsters can be upgraded up to +3.

El Monster Island cheats, hack codes

Easy, isn’t it? Upgrading adds more stats than leveling does. Whenever you’re not happy with the monsters you have, upgrade them. Fuse 3 level 30 maximum upgraded heroes into an evolved form. Evolving fusion evolves the monster added to the main slot. 4 stars characters, when evolved, become 5 stars heroes of the same element, but of different kinds. Tap cheat codes: units in your party cannot be used for evolving fusion. Select the monster again to remove it from the team. Go to the fuse menu. It’s time to make good use of the opportunity we have! Select another monster. To be fused, the target hero must be level 30 and max upgraded. The same goes for the material monster, of course.
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End evolution requires elemental essences. Since this is your first time, you should already have enough essences of each element in your inventory.
How to get essences:
1. Use cheats, codes.
2. You can find the, in the raid on the adventure map. The raid’s element changes every day. Check its schedule, so you can enter it when you need. 3. When you summon monsters, you also get essences of the monster’s element. Hint: evolving characters of the same type requires a very small number of elemental berries!
The EL monsters have 6 different elements. Each element inflicts 150% more damage on the element at which their arrow points.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
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Skills: air nails: claws with a hand imbued with the power of wind. Haba Daura - rushes like the wind and attacks relentlessly. Devastating bite - forcefully bites, inflicting serious damage. Heating bomb - shoots a ball of fire mana. Valiant Howl - lets out a battle cry, improving its penetration power.
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Evolution requires 2 maximum upgraded, level 30 monsters. Evolving a grade 5 hero results in a random grade 5 monster of the same element as the original target. Additional stat evolution increases the resulting monster’s stats. Evolution increases stats. how and where enter

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