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Free hack Elemancer cheats code list - legend card, evolve , gold, promo ticket, booster pack, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Elemancer cheat world: since you are new here, let’s jump right into a card battle and go over the rules. The centre portraits represent the opposing legends, with red health and purple mana supply. The first player to drain the opponent’s legend health to 0 wins. To the bottom right are the creature cards in your hand, which you can play during your turn. On the bottom left, the yellow power value of a card indicates how much damage it can deal with each attack.

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On the bottom right, the red life value of a card indicates how much damage it can take. Once there is no life left, it dies. Card play costs mana. The card’s cost will be subtracted from the legend mana supply. As player 1 you start with 2 leftover mana will persist. Only affordable cards can be played. Notice that the Golem card at the right is dimmed as it costs 3 mana but your legend only has 2 mana.

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Cards can be played on any open position. An active card will attack an opposing card, but if there is none it will directly attack the opposing legend instead. Now drag card onto any empty position on your side of the battlefield. It takes one turn for a card to be activated, so played card won’t attack yet. Tap the red “end turn” button on the right now. Red ring counts down from 20 turns. Once the ring is gone, each legend will take increasing damage every turn.

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At the start of your turn you randomly draw cards from your deck until you have 3 on your hand. Your last played card is now active and about to attack the card above, but it won’t kill it. Save your 3 mana golem for now and play a 2 mana card on any space instead. Next turn play your golem against the opponent’s. It will survive the enemy attack,. Then it will kill the other Golem.

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