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Lilith’s gift - mrMITNtTI
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upgrade - u9V5nLBv4
daily gift bag x10 - J1rrCySO0
secret combination code - 01AblGDdJ
donation package - 5RbrlFlGc
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Element Blade How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
It's finally here! I'm going to puke because i'm seasick. I advise you to leave more skill score to add to the sailing skill later. I hope you can give full play to the fearless spirit of being ahead of danger and handing over treasures. Let's start now. The world is waiting for us to save. Let me next give you gist of the battle, let's take it on step at a time.
Attack: click the monster, and the lock attack will be carried out automatical. Double click the target location to dash. Through this skill, you can avoid most of the attacks. Whether you can use this skill well is a sign to distinguish rookies and experts. After that, you should practice frequently and don't be lazy.
Hack Basics
Long press the screen to summon the magic circle. Slide to left to activate fire magic. Drag to the magic casting place. Good job, but it seems that more and more monsters are gathering here. I will lend you some magic temporarily. Let's cast a stronger magic to kill them. See how i cast second order magic, be sure to long press on the screen. Long press the screen to summon the magic circle, slide to left. Stop your fingers and wait for the level 2 magic to be activated. Well, the higher the magic, the more energy you need; generally speaking, the number of crystals lit in the upper left corner indicates the level of magic you can release, provided you learn it first.
Element Blade Hint & Tips
1. Attacking your enemies can gain MP. How to master the rhythm of magic condensation and release the most appropriate skills is a subject you need to study in depth in the future.
2. When you cast an element skill, your sword will resonate with the element energy, In the next period of time, each attack will be attached with the element power, causing higher element dmg and additional negative effects to the enemy. make good use of this can greatly improve your combat effectiveness.
3. Improve your stadium to enable new plots and buildings.
4. Well, i've said enough. From now on, everything depends on you. Learn and be familiar with all kinds of skills in battle. Hope you can live to save the world.
Element Blade Camp
In order to concentrate on your adventure, i specially arranged such a camp for you. How about it? Do you have a feeling of home? You can turn around. Player - you can see and grow attributes and abilities here. You can upgrade blade & equipment here and you can be a little stronger than now. Once you have some courage, get ready, and click here to start your adventure. There will be many good things in the store. If you don't understand anything in this camp, click the sign with a question mark next to your name.

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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date29 October 2020
Last Modified29 October 2020
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