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1. lfUEw3cKXt - fire orb
2. 84ui1uLcny - earth orb
3. U6EZncIwgu - darkness orb
4. zir9Pe16kw - exclusive element chest
5. poIrDaVGO3 - giftpack of accessory
Alas, you are here to accept the challenge of the android game? Good, let’s go through the basics! Pick up that lovely orb and light it up! Use the joystick to move. Tap the fire element, then drag the cast button to cast the flame toward your target. Very good! It’s fun to set these on fire, eh? Look at those boxes blocking the path. Don’t worry, just burn these wooden boxes with a fire spell.

Elemental Dungeon hack

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Ah, here the water element! I bet you already guessed you can use it to extinguish fire? Press and hold the water element to cast a shield that will quench the fire! Pick up the earth element and use it to block off the flames.
Look, iron fences. What you will do? Try to press fire and earth, then drag to aim at the brazier to hit it with a rain of flames! This spell requires a whole mana container.

Elemental Dungeon cheats android, ios hack codes

1. 2898RV3kr6 - ring of revival
2. xybvFPSeRm - member of Altar
3. GaS9wK11Q5 - member of black mark
4. LJUBwfmup5 - mountain of gems

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This is very important! You can use a single element spell to attack a dummy and regain mana if you run out of it.
These monsters have been pestering us since this dungeon came to be! It’s time to try your spells on these vile creatures! Don’t forget, casting 3 element spells consumes a lot of mana.
There’s a mage called Madill inside these dungeons who spawns these monsters. Go and put a stop to his evil deeds.
Elemental Dungeon wiki
After a rest, you feel better! Let’s go to the dungeon again!
Accessory slot - equipped accessories can be brought directly into the dungeon. Select the accessory you want to equip and use hack button. Novice’s amulet - improves mana regeneration using single element spells. Magic spoon - pick up life drops to regain extra HP. Bat teeth - kill a monster to regain a little HP.

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1 fcOpIcZMJK orbs
2 muoyyuI1Wx gem crystal
3 5pJbV7nkMy credits
4 CA2gxf4GAt promo code
5 fbt931ut3G gift box
6 x5U6kUFna5 gold coins
7 DOOWpN1cq9 month card
8 LkDXuen1iB premium pack
9 BIKhicEXdf chest
10 fOJ3n9igdf vip ticket
11 6RDGGWI0z1 honor level

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Hunter - an aged hunter with occasional anger issues. Reduces spell charge time by 25%. Try class cheat - RW5kpBrBZA.
  • Ronin - an exotic warrior who bears mysterious powers> Increases weakness attribute damage. Try class - yvPsNxg1n6.
  • Used spells - filter the desired combination of elements.
  • Replaceable spell - select the spell that needs to be replaced.
  • Unlock the endless unknown world to face random scenes, events and monsters. You make your own luck.

Elemental Dungeon tips
Hack cheats tutorial Elemental Dungeon(wiki):
Mysterious Stele - the truth shall be revealed when all dungeon keys have been collected and inserted into this stone.
Conquer a dungeon to collect they key and activate the rune on the stele.
Each activated rune will create new content for the respective dungeon: rooms, monster, treasure maps.
Activate all runes to face the ultimate challenge! Each time you clear all dungeons, you will enter the final battle. Get mysterious items: cheat code - gtvJr7ZX27

Elemental Dungeon tutorial

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1. enYIHdrDqJ
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