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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
The cosmos, galaxies, planets and stardust reaching towards eternity... The universe contains much more than what you can see. Eaight eons ago, the ancient planet of Ard became the symbol of alchemy and wisdom. Elemental temples were raised for the grand spirits which hold the formula of existence. The energy of life shined throughout the universe, and yet...Every light casts a shadow.
That is how "Ymir" was born, cursed with insatiable hunger. A devourer of stars, always searching. Light and spirits were its main diet and darkness was its legacy. The energy and resplendence of Ard didn't go unnoticed by Ymir. Go forth and save all the elemental spirits before Ymir devours Ard. Save the, so that i can plant them on a new planet. So that light can be reborn.
Elementis Hack Basics
Risen with the wisdom of the ancestors, this temple was the first source of light and life, which spread all over Ard. Many alchemists were guided by the source for centuries. May their teaching light your way! Remember, what this temple can offer you is only the beginning. You will face numerous, difficult tests throughput your journey; but the real test will be discovering your own virtues and the magic of the elements.
Throughout your journey, i will help you gather element spirits.
Hint & Tips
1. The small gems on the spawner show which elements may spawn in that level.
2. When three or more major forms of basic elements are placed next to each other, they are absorbed instead of merging.
3. You gain bonus spirits for combinations you do when your spirit orb is empowered.
4. You have limited turns to complete levels. If you havent't completed the main mission when you run out of turns, you fail the level.
5. Soma major basic elements can also interact with each other to create new elements.
6. Don't forget, basic elements merge on the spot where you placed the last element. In the book of elements you can see all the elements you've discovered so far and their combinations.
The place you see below is the spawner. Elements appear there. You can drag and drop the elements onto the board. Three or more of the same element merge to create a higher tier element. You must complete the main mission to successfully pass the level. Just like all the basic elements, you can merge 3 water to create major water. Different elements can also interact to create new elements. Water and fire merge to create the third basic element: air.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date27 September 2020
Last Modified27 September 2020
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