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Welcome my warrior! We are in the world called Swleggp now! The Swleggp has been swallowed up by night Devil. If you can pass the challenge, you will be the hope of the Goryao. If you fail, you will be polluted as one of many demons. I’ll take you on an adventure trip. Goryo will provide you with cards for fight. Put Goryo into team for the adventurous trip.

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There are many areas on your adventurous trip. Need to defeat the enemy in each area before moving forward. Please click enemy to launch the first challenge. Fights are carried out in a card round manner. Defeat enemy by deck. Now is your turn to action. Drag a attack card to attack enemy. We have defeated the enemy in this are. Now return to the main page.

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Before you leave, try to search the scene may surprise you. Congratulations, you have passed the first barrier of adventure mode. You just got the pieces of custos. Go and upgrade the ability of Goryo. After upgrade the level, let’s upgrade card level. After level is increased, more cards will be unlocked. More slots will be unlocked for Goryo to carry more cards. You can adjust the cards carried by Goryo according to your own tactics.
Elf Adventure wiki
Arranging different Goryoes to participate in the team will affect the combination of cards.
Talent points obtained when hero is leveled up. Every hero’s talent tree is different. You can activate talent according to your tactical style. When all talent tree is activated, the hero can be awakened. After awakened, ability will be greatly upgraded with new look. To take the Darco for the adventure with us. Please activate skillful command.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • We can get different talents by purchasing experience books. There are 4 ways to purchase: use gold, diamonds, cheats or special exchange for Goryo talents.
  • Chance to purchase senior experience book for free is offered once every 24 hours. For purchase through golds, 5 free purchases are offered per day.
  • Arena rule description: Before the battle, the two sides will toss coins to decide who goes first. You have 30 seconds to use cards in each turn. Your turn will end when the countdown ends. THe player who first reduces the enemy's life to 0 will win.

Elf Adventure tips
Hack cheats tutorial Elf Adventure(wiki): Attack crystal - essential material to permanently upgrade the level of attack card.
Vip priority: get a vip pack; login every day to get vip bonus for free; refresh every day for 1 collection pack; endless mode - 50% increase in currency and items income for each settlement and mp-up.
Pieces - special resource to summon and upgrade characters.
Elf Adventure tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Elf Adventure: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, credits.

Hero: Livia - is a ruthless and strong swords woman, formerly a devout follower of night devil. She was valued and trained by the lord of night devil because of her fighting talent, becoming one of the seven guards of night devil.
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