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Free hack Elf Legend cheats code list - gold, legendary summon, evolve, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Elf Legend cheat world: in ancient Oslo stands immortal tree with great power. Which have protected the continent sincerely. Humans and elves live together on this continent. The ancient darkness is sealed under the eternal altar in the southern plains. The seal is geting, the obsidian dragon takes the opportunity to break through the seal, and escaped. The dark army invaded the Oslo mainland. World tree and legion of light are trying in the full force to prevent wars and destruction.

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The last strength of the heart of life has defeated the armies of darkness, and the heart has been destroyed into fragments scattered throughout the continent. Assemble the heart of life fragments to resurrect the world tree, Holy city is summoning you, adventurer.

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You have come, the holy city needs your help! The demons are growing restless, this does not bode well. Take this, a manual prepared just for you. I hope it serves you well.
Controls: you can autocast skills if you keep forgetting to use skills when your rage is full. Drag the screen to adjust the camera in battle. Tap formations, the character you just summoned can't wait to fight on the battlefield.

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Destroyed - is an attack type character, he will help us with damage output. We can use siul stones to summon some goblins. Glyph synthesis, grants elves the power of the Glyphs, making them stronger. Tap synthesize all to synth all glyphs of the current tier. After synthesizing all the glyphs of this tier, tap upgrade to increase the quality.

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