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The last strength of the heart of life has defeated the armies of darkness, and the heart has been destroyed into fragments scattered throughout the continent. Assemble the heart of life fragments to resurrect the world tree, Holy city is summoning you, adventurer. You were born on the battlefield, where the darkness invaded. You were summoned by the Holy sword, so you often have dreams of the destruction and aggression.

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You have come, the Holy city needs your help! The demons are growing restless, this does not bode well. Take this, a manual prepared just for you. I hope it serves you well. Follow me, i’ll help you familiarize with everything. Demons! We can;t let them inside the Holy city! You can autocast skills if you keep forgetting to use skills when your rage is full. Drag the screen to adjust the camera in battle!

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How can there be so many strong monsters in the forest? We need to find help to protect the plains! Advanced summon code K0QrND - 10 more attempts guarantees you rarity: S tier hero. Go tap formations, the elf you just summoned can’t wait to fight on the battlefield. Destroyer Jolifar is an attack type character, he will help us with damage output. He has skills that attack rows. Let’s take a look at the guiding manual, it tells the story of the dragon oathkeeper.
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Collect main quest rewards. These main quests give a ton of loot. We have enough goblin soul stones! We can use soul stones to summon some goblins. Battles have become more exciting! Tap to swap to x3 speed. Destroyer Jolifar on autocast will help you clear the way in battle. Got Glyph materials, let’s gi try to Glyph synthesis. Tap upgrade to go upgrade glyph quality. Swap to the quality upgrade panel. Glyph synthesis, grants Elves the power of the Glyphs, making them stronger.

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The demons were here for the nexus shards after all. The world tree sacrificed the life nexus to seal up the abyssal demons. The life Nexus was thus broken in pieces and scattered across Oswego. Collect all the shards, and you’ll Be able to revive the world tree and rebuild the barrier. I’m afraid that these demons are collecting the shards only because they want to destroy them. We have to get all the shards before the demons do. We can’t let them carry out their nefarious plan.
Allen is a descendant of the God of the Earth. He can perceive anything on this earth that you desire. He’s going to the Wilderness to find the world tree. Go there, and you’ll find him. Before you leave, spend some time in the arena to increase your skills. 5ntF7k - advanced summon
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