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For adventurers, this is a resting place. It was known as a village full of love and happiness. And then, one day, After a huge and spooky dimensional door appeared...There are dark clouds in Elios. I was engulfed in darkness. "Dimensional Door" began to open little by little. Monsters appeared. It became chaotic due to the monsters' attack. All the villagers gather together. They began to pray for Elios. Adventurers and villagers who loved Elios all work together started beating monsters one by one. When it's slowly collapsing under the growing power... The old legend of Elios, sealed in the depths of the castle. The souls of the heroes who protected Elios began to burn like a flame. The willagers wanted to be the knights of Elios building up strength through strategic training. If there's brightness, dakrness exists monsters disappeared, but the door of dimension not closed. The world is in chaos. As always humans began to divide in confusion. For each other's benefit, there's a war has begin. Dangerous areas have been created. In such dangerous areas, with the bodies of numerous heroes, The precious weapons and equipmets they used hidden in the middle of a pile of corpses. Hunters who want to get that kind of treasure gathered. It became a fiercer battlefield.

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