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Hey there, recruit. Welcome to the Spec Ops division. I'm your guide. I'll be leading you through your basic training. When you complete the training, you'll earn a special reward. Let the training begin!

Controls: please hold the device with both hands. Coordination is the key to control. Swipe the left half of the screen to move. Swipe the right half to control your point of view. Aim - this is the center of your field of vision. Auto fire - tap the button to switch to auto fire. As you move your point of view, you will automatically fire when the enemy is in your sights.

Elite Strike SA cheats, hack codes

1. JnEc6Z5q - unlock weapons
2. AMNYGS28 - premium card
3. Enter lD95Co07 - skins
4. Pass 4jw8ik0L - wings
5. w4e1Vjjq - auto aim (headshot)
6. Enter txkip1b1 - crates
7. j1NRmE50 - dance card
8. 3dYyz4Q6 - fashion
9. 0rm3Bmk6 - property
10. qJk2ANdH - restore health
11. EZX110TD - invisibly
12. qr0po4ct - shield

Elite Strike SA Battle: 1. you're hurt? Don't worry, just tap dance button to regain health points by dancing. It's rude to interrupt the dancing unless they're enemy.
2. You can move and aim at the same time. Switch cold weapon or pistol to move faster.
3. Remember, knowing where to place C4 is a sign of tactical mastery.
4. Sniper rifle can only fire manually. Hold the button to open the scope. Release the button, fire. You have earned the ak 47 gold. Let's go to the warehouse to equip the weapon.

Warehouse cheats codes: this is your weapon bag. It will follow you whenever you go into battle. Tap "pickup" to equip the weapon. Congratulations, you unlocked novice activities. Let's check out the gods. Tap novice activities to check activities. Tap claim to claim day 1 rewards. It's a dance card. Want to check out your new moves? Go to the warehouse to equip it. Not bad, looks like you're getting pretty familiar with this process. Now go and show off to other people in the game!

Have problem or suggestions?Welcome to follow FB page & group or even talk with Dev directly in-game! Staff character ID or just leave message on world chat so your suggestion and message can be checked directly! What to see your idea being released in our game? come to talk to us!

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  • 1. You can get the permanent AK47 gold after finishing the novice guidance. With the noble colors of black and gold luxury is shown in a silent way.
  • 2. Tap “select mode” to choose a game mode. Get aboard the Ocean cruise, join your teammates and shoot everything that moves.
  • 3. Use cover and projectiles wisely to beat the enemy when outnumbered.
  • 4. When your primary weapon runs out of ammunition, switching to your secondary weapon is faster than reloading.

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1. yPY5hA7BrlAfKSg
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3. fXpRPhJQ3O6ABKl
4. URTSDv0zwgXWfjq
5. RsSP74pa2jU1BET

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