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No one on Earth, except the magicians from Aratan Brotherhood, wasn’t aware of the existence of mysterious crystals that bestowed unimaginable powers to their possessor. The inhabitants of the island made a deal with the magicians from brotherhood, which allowed them to learn any spell without restriction, but any crystal shouldn’t leave the moon island, otherwise their force would turn to chaos and death.

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During another visit of Brotherhood one of the magicians heard the mysterious whisper, as if someone was calling him, begging him to come. Magician followed this voice and found several glowing stones in crystal creek.
They were speaking to him clouding his mind. The magician touched the stones and felt a strange impulse in his hand, then he concealed the stones inder his robe and ran away.
After returning to Artel, the voices in his head only intensified. Unable to resist the influence of stones, the magician began to lose his mind. Feeling that he was turning into a monster and his thoughts were no longer so bright, the magician decided to get rid of the crystals by throwing them off a cliff. But he violated the only rule of balance, so he was punished with his fate and was turned into the stone. That’s how Chaos came into our world.

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Two men found crystals in rivers in different parts of the world. One crystal was picked up by the court grandee Lorizel. Another one was taken by former member of the Brotherhood, who left it after he heard about the incident. Some time left he became ususal teacher of magic for children in the village and was taken the name Eldan.
Chaos, which entered the world, could not leave the soul in which dark thoughts were flowing. Lorizen began to avoid people and often was being alone with a crystal in his chambers. The power have consumed the Lorizel, who have always had awful thoughts. Now he has become the embodiment of evil. Distraught by the opportunities that has opened up, Lorizel used the power of the crystal to destroy all of those who did not want to submit him. he was gathering a powerful army from all over the world and people called him Nagash, which meant “envoy of darkness”
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Soon the army of Nagash have spreaded into every corner of the world for continuing the work of its master. During the invasion of the village, Eldan tried to stop the troops and for defending his student he opened a magical portal, which swallowed him along with the enemies. Apprentice casal saw the face of the evil, which deprived him of his home, his loved ones and destroyed the whole world. He took the teacher’s stick in his hands and set off to save the Earth from eternal darkness.
Solve the mystery of ancient mechanisms and explore the dungeons of the forest!

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  • you will have ability to combine magic and to fight in an individual manner, to solve puzzles, to chat with other characters and a lot of other interesting stuff!

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Hack cheats tutorial Elland Rise Of Nagash(wiki): Only the highly skilled player will be able to master the power of elements, which overtook the world of sorcerer's apprentice Kassal. Fight the army of beasts, defeat bosses in battles, upgrade your skills to become more powerful and to confront the main agent of darkness!

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