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Cheat Elly and the Ruby Atlas hack android, ios code

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Hack Elly and the Ruby Atlas: cheat List
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Month Card x1 code - nw9powQVa
upgrade cheat - gQOsQLJPZ
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level up - Uv3xGGcx7
platinum treasure - Dl8P1xdJk
special reward - QDT1zABnV
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Game Story
I found him! Olaf intel was right and Crooked Jaw, Saberhook's scoundrel scout and top recruiter will soon be walking the plank, wishing he'd never sworn allegiance to his vile pirate lord! Doldrum island is where i'm to face him and his wretched crew and by plank or sword, learn as to the whereabouts of Saberhook! I am confident that, by the ened of my journey, they shall both be "swimming with the fishes", as they deserve, no less! Full sails ahead!
Elly and the Ruby Atlas Hack Basics
Use the jump button to get over obstacles and the gap. Use the block button to defend against incoming attacks. Quick tap for a slash attack, hold and release for a thrust attack. You can attack in any of three zones. Keep an eye out for signs of traps in the environment. Use the interact button to open the chest and complete the mission.
As the captain of your very own sailing ship, you are free to roam the world, upgrade and customize the ship, acquire better gear for yourself, follow the main quest, trade and of course, fight pirates. Check the journal in the upper left corner for useful information about how the world works.
Hint & Tips
1. While on the world map, a minus sign next to a resource means there is scare of said resource in the town.
2. Press the combo button and draw a combo pattern to make a combo.
3. THe final mission from each town has a unique chance to unlock a new part of the map.
4. Using the ship, you can roam the world and visit many towns and islands. When you embark on a voyage, your crew will need a wage/day of travel. generally, the seas are more dangerous the further you go from center. The map can be expanded with new map pieces that you can find in the combat mission reward chests. You can only travel to towns that are on the unlocked parts of the map. Each new zone of the map has different encounter stats.
5. Debris encounters are proof that from time to time, good things can happen on the high seas. Because of all the conflict caused by pirates, many valuables can be found drifting at sea. Line of sight and seamanship can increase your chances of finding debris.
Stamina represents your ability to perform combat actions and it is the most important resource while in combat. Attack and block actions consume stamina, but it regenerates over time and also when you perform a well timed block. Enemies can be either pirates or colonists and they each have different behaviors.

You can attack and be attacked in three zones: head, torso and legs. Each of the zones, when hit, can trigger status effects. if the enemy has armor on one of the zones, the corresponding button will also appear as armored.

Attacks can be blocked by well timed block actions, but try not to lose all your stamina, because that will leave you unable to defend yourself. Stamina regenerates when you are not actively blocking, and when you perform a well timed block, it will cost less stamina compared to when you just hold the block button.

Combos are special moves that are performed by drawing a shape ont he screen. You can only perform combos if the combo meter is full. You fill the combo meter with successul attack and block actions and you can unlock combo moves from the reward chests. Once unlocked, they are automatically equipped. You can view all your combos and learn what they do in the captain's quarter.
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date13 October 2020
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