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The Victor who gathers all lost artifact. and brings the god’s glory into light, you have come! With the guidance from the gods, you will seal the demon, and save this continent again. Your name will be spread across this continent in the future, the road to gather all lost artifacts is not an easy one however. You would need help from fellow heroes within this land, summon them now! Heard of character shards? You can fuse them to get new heroes.

Elora’s Raid hack

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The elf merchant always has something for a good price! You can make grand summons with summon scrolls. Apart from summon scrolls, you’ll get one fre grand summon attempt each day. We’ll need to get some materials to level hero up.Let’s do a blitz. Tap blitz to get piles of experience and gear. You’ll get 120 minutes worth of gains. Blitz buff: +2 free and +8 buyable attempts per day (perk inactive). We have to reach goals to unlock relics.

Elora’s Raid cheats, hack codes

The team will accumulate gains and loot over time, even if you’re away. Gat as many heroes as you can to unlock different lineups. If you want to know more about your heroes, you can check the power up screen. Hero level - quick, simple power up. Gear - quick, simple, but essential power up. Star rank - key to empowering your heroes. Hero rank - a major way to power up in early game. The fastest way to improve hero is through leveling up and advancing, hold the level up button to resume the level up process.
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Hero XP - the green spring water can be used to upgrade heroes levels and stats. Fulfill first top-up to fight alongside powerful 5-star hero jormungand, and claim orange gear! Upon obtaining Jormungand, don’t forget to claim your gear for the next 2 days.

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