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Elune cheat world: fragments from the dark stone that was destroyed at the hands of Lucifer spread through the universe, taining the dimensions with darkness. Corrupted by the dark stone, people began to hate and question one another. As a result, the world suffered from endless conflicts. When every last disciple had fallen, who was left to stop such madness? Though faint, there was still a glimmer of hope, the Elunes...Using their dimensional powers granted by the creator himself, they joined forces to cleanse the darkness cast all over the world.

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Nevertheless, they were well aware that numerous obstacles awaited them on their journey. Despite the odds being stacked against them, these fledgling Elunes sought to undertake this task. This is their tale. Well then, let's form a team before we set off on our adventure. First, let's try assigning Lyn and Medina. Lyn is a DPS who dishes our high amounts of damage, and Medina is a healer who keeps your party members in tip top shape during battle. You'll notice that there are spots for specific classes in the formation. Place your Elunes accordingly in these slots to activate special effects.

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Select Elunes you want to assign to your team from the Elune list on the right menu. Then, select the spot you wish to assign the selected Elune to. If the spot is already occupied, the previously assigned Elune will be replaced with the Elune currently selected. If you assign Elunes of the appropriate classes to each spot in the front row, this will activate a front row effect. Reset removes all characters on the team, except the leader. Auto form assigns the best heroes for the selected formation. Equip potions you'll use in battle. keep in mind that they'll be used automatically, so please remember to disavle any potions you don't wish to use.

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Change your team formations. Use this feature to organize where your heroes will be on the battlefield based on their classes. Use a more powerful skill to take down the enemy. To use more advanced skills, characters must draw from a power called soul. Soul is shared among the heroes in your party, so you'll have to manage it carefully to gain the upper hand in battle. You can recover up to 16 soul. The dimension gauge below fills up each time an hero uses a skill. When your gauge is at max, you'll regain soul. There are a maximum of 6 spaces on the dimension gauge. The amount of soul recovered gradually increases.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: rage gauges fill up a different rates for each monster, so be sure to watch them carefully. If hero is being locked on by a monster, quickly defeat it or provoke it to turn attention to another hero. You can also use the quick battle function if your heroes are a little on the slow side. Characters can be obtained fro adventure, shop, light summon, soul stone summon, hack, etc. You'll receive lightures, rubies, Elunes, and other rewards each time you increase in affinity level.

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Tutorial Elune (wiki): create elite dungeons using 2 dimensional cores and 1 corrupted core. Share dungeons you've created with your friends using share dungeon. Characters added to the training list will receive partial experience earned by a max level hero from adventure battles. Clearing quests increases your affinity with heroes and will net you various rewards. Tap and hold the picture on the turn bar of the heroes themselves to check an Elune's details even during battle. I hope my tips will prove helpful to you in the adventures ahead!

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