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Free hack Ember Tactics cheats code list - evolve, stamina, gold, promo ticket, creatures, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Ember Tactics cheat world: hey, adventure! This wolf has been nipping at my wings all day! You look like somebody who could beat up a wolf. Prve me right. Tap on adventure, tap the blue square to move. Tap the end turn button. Tap the red square to attack. Attacks take away health. If the adventurer’s health reach 0, you lose. I wish i found you sooner. The last three adventurers i ran into today would still be conscious.

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Bunny is a new creature, tap on one to inspect. Here you can view a creature’s stats. You can drag and drop to move or attack. Tap the summon button to open the creature list. Tap the fairy to summon her. Summoning a fairy costs 2 embers. Tap an empty summon square. The fairy is a mid ranged creature, with an attack range of 2. This combined with her movement range pf 2 gives her many options.

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The fairy can fly. See the rocks she flew over? Flyers ignore both positive and negative effects of tiles. Right, so you can create copies of fairy, and they can fight on our behalf. That’s a pretty useful skill. Whatever is causing the woodland animals to go nuts seems to be getting stronger as we go. I hate to say it, but we need some help. Look over there! See those funny patches of land?

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Let’s step on one. What’s the worst that can happen? Embersources - usually, you generate 1 ember at the end of your turn. Standing on an embersource gets you an extra ember. Even flyers can use them. Use ember to summon more creatures.

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