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The person was surrounded by flames coming from the sea. The flames never die, never go out. Mountains, forests, and seas were destroyed. THe moon and the clouds both disappeared. The world was engulfed a fiery inferno.
Wake up, there’s no time! Must go to ice ... otherwise, the flane will. The princess has found.

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Battle: in addition to dragging, you can tap to move your allies and attack foes. Double tap on the target on the destination to continue your command. You can move to a davorable space before attacking. Changing your position flexibly makes it easier to defeat the foes.
Archers are good at long range attacks. Ranged units attacks foes two spaces away or diagonally opposite. They can’t attack foes in adjacent space. Tap on the foe to view the info while fighting.

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You can edit your teams before the combat, don’t forget it. Shards can be used to upgrade your allies and strengthen them. Different weapons have a restraint effect due to their characteristics. Red units are stronger against green foes, and green - against blue. When hero restrained, the damage receive will increase.
You can switch the space with your allies after you learn the assist skills such as swap. Drag the unit with assist skill to the other units can assist the target unit.
Emblem Saga wiki
Brave weapons allow the wielder to strike twice per attack.
Chat with your partners. Gain your benefits. Fight for your guild.
Tap on the treasure chest on the world map to receive all uncollected treasure.
You’ll save coins if you summon more than one hero from the same selection of stones. You’ll save the most if you summon five from the selection.

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  • Strategy is as important as the develop of your ally. Don't ignore it.
  • Match your skills and show off your fighting style.
  • Special kill and heal can bring you more experience.
  • Want to learn more combat skills? Want a new challenge? Tap on the challenge and have a try!
  • For high defense foes, magic defense may be their achilles heel.
  • Skilled use of pre-war preparation can help you win.
  • Training tower can bring you more experience
  • Flying type arms can fly anywhere except over the wall.

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Black knight Ares - Eldigan’s son and heir to Mystletainn. After his parents passed away, he joined up with a mercenary captain called Javarro.
Zeldius - a general clad head to toe in the blackest of armor, naturally known as the black knight. His holysword , Alondite, has the power to rend the heavens.
Camus - a knight who’s devoted to his motherland, Grust. Wields the lance Gradivus.
Emblem Saga tutorial

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