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The person was surrounded by flames coming from the sea. THe flames never die, never go out. Mountains, forests, and seas were destroyed. The moon and the clouds both disappeared. The world was engulfed in a fiery inferno. head hurts. Was that a dream? What does that mean, and what does that person want me to find? I feel like something is happening. My father has been missing for many days because of investigating the magical flow of the Dragon’s gate. I am not sure if it anything to do with this dream. I still have to check it out.

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The door brought Fjorm to a new world and its invasion wielded chaos to the land. Curious peasants came to check the eye of that chaos. Few of them came back, survived but kept murmuring about something about giant shadow.
Battle controls: Cavalry units cannot enter forests. In addition to dragging, you can tap to move your allies and attack foes. Double tap on the target or the destination to confirm your command. You can cancel your movement by tapping the outside of the range.

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You can move to a favorable space before attacking. Changing your position flexibly makes it easier to defeat the foes.
Archers are good at long range attacks. Ranged units attack foes two spaces away or diagonally opposite. They can’t attack foes in adjacent space. You can Edit your teams before the combat. Don’t forget it. Different weapons have a restraint effect due to their characteristics. Red units are stronger against green foes, and green are stronger against blue, blue - against red.
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Heroes: Amelia - a young soldier from a small village in Grado. She is honest and sincere.
Berkut - first in line to the Rigelian throne. Prideful but loves Rinea with all his heart.
Lyn - a woman who grew up on the plains before learning she is a noble of Caelin.
Flying type arms can fly anywhere except over the wall.
Camus - a knight who’s devoted to his motherland, Grust. Wields the lance Gradivus.

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