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Welcome to your first mission! I’ll show you how to issue orders to your units and successfully complete the mission! Explore the mission area - swipe your finger across the touchscreen. Use the zoom function - pinch and spread two fingers on the touchscreen.
You’ll see your tasks at the top. When all the tasks have been taken care of, you will have successfully completed the mission.

Emergency HQ hack

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Now complete your first task: tap on firelighter to select him! Select “equi with fire extinguisher”! Select “extinguish” and then tap on the burning tree! Now tap on the emergency Doc > “treat”, and then on the injured person! Emergency Docs treat casualties. Only when the injured person’s health bar is green can they be taken away in an ambulance. Following treatment by the emergency Doc, the Paramedic team transport casualties to the hospital.

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Tap on the paramedic team to select it! Then tap on the injured person! The paramedic team will lift him onto the stretcher and carry him to the ambulance. Tap on the ambulance and select “transport” to send the casualty to the hospital.
You completed your first mission with flying colors! You will now receive command of your own mission area!
Emergency HQ wiki
Headquarters - here you can unlock new mission areas, buildings, and decorative items. Now build you first vehicle depot! Open the shop > buildings and units > fire truck depot. Tap on the green check mark to start building the depot.
Each vehicle depot needs to be connected to the main road. Tap “road construction” to expand your base’s road network. Build a new road by dragging your finger along the area marked in green. Next, build the emergency Doc vehicle depot.

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  • Speed up the construction of the ambulance depot using emeralds or cheats tools. To do this, tap on the building and select "complete construction with emeralds".
  • Call the required emergency vehicles. Each vehicle called incurs call costs. Select the fire department vehicle category and call the fire truck.
  • For small fires, the firefighter can use a fire extinguisher. To fight bigger blazes, he'll need a fire hose.
  • Warning! Emergency docs get injured if you send them too close to a fire. Treat the casualties located father away from the barn first.
  • Paramedics return to the mission area once they have taken a casualty to the hospital, and are then available again.

Emergency HQ tips
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  • The barn has been extinguished and the second casualty can now be treated without any danger. Treat him with the emergency doc and take him away the paramedics.
  • Complete more missions to unlock the next level of your headquarters.
  • Find hidden treasures. Put the bad guys where they belong - behind bars.
  • In support missions, you send your units to another precinct. After the indicated time, thye return to your base and you receive rewards.
    You cannot use your vehicles for your own missions while they are engaged in support missions.
    Call all required units at once using the quick call function.

Emergency HQ tutorial

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To tow away a vehicle wreck, tap on the tow truck, choose “tow” and then send it to the vehicle wreck.
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