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- Who are you? Why are you here? Why did you destroy the fence?
- It was a misunderstanding! My name is Jim, i’m gold digger. In fact some bad guys are after me. Could you please let me hide here for a few days?
- Ok, i’m sympathetic about your problem. I’m very happy to help you. YOu can help with some farm work? Let’s start with corns first.
The young farmer Emma has harbored Kim, a gold digger who ran all the way here for an unknown reason. Out of gratitude or something else, Jim offers to undertake most work in the farm while Emma has to take care of Mr. Wilson, who is sick in bed.

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Tap a corn. Drag a sickle onto the corn. The next one is farming. Tap an empty land. Drag a corn onto the land to sow the seeds. The neighborhood buyers’ demands are shown on the order board. When the farm has the orders ready, you only need to check the board to confirm. I will then deliver them to the specified places.

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Tap the order board to view orders. Select the orders with a green checkmark to earn coins and experience.
Time to collect eggs. Tap poultry house to collect eggs. We can get more eggs if we buy a chicken. Tap market, select the livestock option, drag a chicken out from the market. We need to feed the chickens for them to produce eggs. The feed is produced in the barn. However the barn’s renovation hasn’t finished. We need to repair it first.
Emma's Adventure California wiki
Tap the barn to see what materials wee need to repair it. We need eucalypts logs. Tap the search button and check the source of it. You cut down a sequoia and got some sequoia logs. Produced feed will be kept in the market.
The more orders completed, the more coins earned. Jim found this basic rule before long, though it doesn’t make much sense to him.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Gold bar can be used to purchase special things.
  • The fence is broken. The cows must have jumped over it to escape. Let's open the mission list to look for the cows. Tap the milk mission and check the mission info. Tap the help button to view the location of the cows.
  • Level up often brings new. Crops, which then bring new products! Keep leveling up and you will find more fun. Now, Jim can feed the cows with feeds made of Wheat to get milk.
  • There are too many bushes in the farm. Emma hopes that you can help clear some of them.

Emma's Adventure California tips
Hack cheats tutorial Emma's Adventure California(wiki):
Tap and hold the object to know its name and what you’ll get.
Tap the rock and you’ll see the energy consumption of removing it. Tap again to remove the rock.
New buildings to be built can usually activate new production lines, and both processes require certain materials. Try doing some wood work in the new sawmill. How about producing a stick?
Remember, the train order is a great way to get experience xp, coins and rewards. As the most destructive tool, dynamite helps you move forward faster. Tap and hold the object to move it.
Emma's Adventure California tutorial

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