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Your Highness! Orcs have invaded the lands. We must strike at once. Our scouts report that there are even more on the way. We need to fall back to the castle and rebuild our strength. I am your assigned castellan and will be at your service to advice you.
You will need lots of building materials to expand your castle! Collect logs from one of the woodcutters. The logs you collect need to be processed further. Let’s build a new building.

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Buy the sawmill and confirm where to build it. THe construction will only take a moment. Now we can turn the logs into planks. Give the order to start production. You can always find more requests in the quest book. When building a castle, you can never have enough materials. You should send the workers to collect even more logs.

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It should not take long for the workers to bring in the next batch of tree trunks. We are starting to have a real economy going.
That was a pretty good start. To be honest, i was a bit worried when i was transferred here from the royal academy. But you seem to be a very capable knight. I look forward to seeing your castle grow. Together we will fight off the orc invaders.
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You need more workers for your castle to grow. You should build a new dwelling so that you can attract a few more. After all, it is the duty of every noble knight to provide for the welfare of the common people, and a reasonably solid roof over their head is a good start.
It is always worthwhile to build new decorations because a pretty castle means happy residents. The last thing we want is a mob wandering through the streets with torches and pitchforks.

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  • Collect or produce activation key or buy them now for rubies.
  • We will need to invest into the castle's defense. My grandma used to say, the best cure for orcs are stones. But i don not remember if one should hit them on the head or build a protective wall with them.
  • Rubies are a great currency. You can use them to accelerate building and production processes or to buy missing activation key.
  • Everything is better with friends: trust me, it's more fun with friends, so why not invite a few of yours to your castle? There are even a lot of rewards for doing so.

Empire Age of Knights tips
Hack cheats tutorial Empire Age of Knights(wiki): It is not very effective to simply use raw boulders. it would be much better to process them into blocks. Please build a stone cutter to do that. This makes it possible to build better houses.
Now that we have expert assistance, we cna improve our buildings. Let’s start by upgrading the woodcutter. When you upgrade a building, its production will improve. Upgrade your existing dwellings to get more free workers. You can also build a new dwelling.
Empire Age of Knights tutorial

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You remember what i said about decorations, right? It is important to keep the satisfaction of your citizens in mind. Only when they are happy will they work effectively and at an agreeable price. Just like buildings, you can also upgrade decorations to increase the happiness bonus.
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