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Since the opening of the new route. Trade boom has changed the lives of most people. People chasing wealth in the world of adventure. And i, as a special letter. Olivia began leaving for the island of Lanzarote inherited part of my territory. This letter from my long lost father. He really gave me a big surprise.... A new home: Arthur and his knight Gavin drove the carriage into Arthur's new territory, but the sight was daunting. However, with their hearts full of hope, they were not discouraged and decided to settle down quickly.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): We are finally here. This place is really miserable. I guess dad always liked to surprise or scare people. This is going to be our home now, so we should start settling down. Let’s unload all the resources from the carriage. We need a warehouse to store everything. maybe we can directly use the carriage as a warehouse, but we’re going to need more wood.
cheat, Step #2: All trees around us seem to be able to produce high quality wood. There are many resources around here. Let’s explore the surrounding area first. We found a city hall. But it looks ancient and dilapidated. It will take a lot of work and resources to get it ready. Now, it’s time to see what assignments the royal family has sent to us.
empire island code, Step #3: With the development of the state, local girl Maggle became a trusted partner. A new inn opened its doors, and under her guidance, it started to attract interesting heroes, bringing life to the state.
Food can only be produced after heroes are appointed. Beasts in the territory are causing trouble, making peoples’ lives difficult and preventing construction work. To improve development of the state, Arthur and his team need to find a way to expel the beasts from these lands.
Step #4: Buildings: trade station - manages orders and caravans. Farm - get food by planting crops. Restaurant - heroes eat here. Tree farm - get wood by planting trees. Mine - collects stone and other precious metals. Workshop - obtain crafts by processing raw materials. Warehouse - stores your different items and materials. Kitchen - cook ingredients and get food for your troops and heroes. Inn - here you can meet and recruit powerful heroes. Blacksmith - forge items here into different tools.

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