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Free hack Empire Rise Of BattleShip cheats code list - shards, energy, gold, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Empire Rise Of BattleShip cheat world: welcome to the warship empire, the order of this world has fallen into chaos. Drifting on the seas, our fleet has discovered this new island, the people cling to hope that they can build a new home here. In this chaotic world, various regions are integrated forces to rule the sea and some dark forces are sabotaging in the shadow. As commander, you have duty for the safety of the people in your territory.

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Reporting commander, we found some resources laying about on the island and have used them to build a HQ and teleportation station. We often have to confront garrison forces on the island, which required strong fleet, and can acquire ships from teleportation station. Charge up at regular intervals can make us get new ships for free. You can also use gems to instantly replenish energy when necessary.

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Our first warship - the Z1 class destroyed - is fitted with a basic shipborne gun and enhanced gun. The enhanced basic gun can inflict damage on both seaborne and airborne targets. Second - the polland class cruiser - has been refitted with a vertical missile launching system on the top of its base guns. It fires large modelled missiles, dealing great damage to targets and makes their machinery unable to carry on working. If we already have 2 ships now, we can make a date with those defense forces occupying this island’s resources.
A fleet descends on Okinawa, in the surrounding waters of Okinawa there have been deposits of precious metals that have been detected which will be able to relieve the current supply and demand issue. For the safety of your collection facilities, you must destroy their resistance.

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From occupying this island, we can obtain the resources we need to develop. Fleet formation 0 here we can allocate and configure our warships, you can organize your fleet formations before sending them out on expedition.
Our fleet will automatically attack their target, once all the ships of one side have been sunk, the battle will finish. Top menu displays your and the enemy’s status.
Bottom menu - here you can change the battle’s point of view, you can watch the battle from your own team or the enemy’s perspective, or how a strategic view.

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