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. Android game Empire and Clan cheat hack code - sweep tickets, crystal, evolution orbs, resources, chest key, diamond pack, gold coins (New York, Unated state).

The prince of clan – I swear to the ancestors of the clans to safeguard the peace and order of the clans. No matter how strong the foes will be, no matter how many challenges I will have to take, even if this is a winding road which is full of miseries even though i'll have to sacrifice my life, I shall not be deterred. As I always believe, my father's soul will bless me. The princess of Empire – when I was a child, Tsarias is a city of joy, until that day when the greedy barbaric Orcs invaded our homes. Peace has been broken since then. God, please punish those evil Orcs! I also pray for Duke lives who is fighting for the empire! Magician – this group of witty students are masters of tricks and illusion. Magicians are unpredictable in battle as they are not only dealers of unimaginable damage but casters of powerful and beneficial party buffs as well.

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Empire and Clan –  hack codes
Provoke – up to 2 monster's who are not first attack targeting to a caster in any position, forcibly change attack targeting to a caster immediately for 2 turns. When using skill again before previous skill's turn over, use skill to monster who are not in skill effect. Thousand punches – deal damage 110% of caster attack power up to 2 monsters in 1 horizontal line from which opposite side of same caster's position, and reduce attack power by 3% of targeted monster's attack power to themselves for 3 turns. Dozen arrow – deal damage 102% of caster's attack power up to 5 monsters in 1 horizontal line and 1 vertical line from which opposite side of same caster's position, and reduce defense power of targeted monster's defense power to themselves for 2 turns. Heaven's rain – heal 105% of caster's attack power up to 2 teammates who are damaged in any position.

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Empire and Clan  –  cheats secret bug
If you earn 3 stars, you can flip 3 cards +1 extra card for vip status. Recruit 10 times more and you will get a champion. Using auto play will allow you to play even the application is closed. The run will depend on your dungeon ticket duration. The character and mob will attack the opposition located at the same position first. So you should change the position of characters with weak health points to avoid facing strong mob in the same position. The more characters survive, the higher achievement can be obtained. You are given 5 seconds after clearing each dungeon to use the dice and obtain greater rewards. If you click one of obtained item from dungeon, you can use it for material. The amount of rewards depend on your material.

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1. GarWVzGR26 – sweep tickets
2. xyQ9jtDwxc - crystal
3. aBayxxoZ81 – evolution orbs
4. Y2GVGybVaB – resources (sacred branch, charcoal, feather, meteoric iron)
5. Z3bPl8BHUL – chest key
6. ySmgMaqaDz – diamond pack
7. sF1oqMFwCh – gold coins

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