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. Android game Empires and Allies cheat hack code - command points, fuel, supply, unlimited resources, instant building, gold (New York, Unated state).

Intel has located a global revolutionary army outpost and we need you to wipe them out. Welcome to the base, commander! I'm cheat-on officer, and i'll be assisting you. Let's secure the perimeter by building a defense before the GRA retaliates. Create a bigger army by building troop Tarmac. Troops can take some time to assemble. Use gold to rapid deploy them for an offensive attack. Build additional storage to hold more fuel and supply resources. Upgrade your HQ to unlock more powerful weapons and defenses. Use gold to instant upgrade. Save the world from GRA's grasp, while using captured resources to strengthen your base! Here's some secret codes to help!

Empires and Allies cheats android, ios hack codes

Empires and Allies –  hack codes
Wall – protects against attacking troops. Guard tower – fires a machine gun at attacking ground forces. Domed defense – multiple weapon systems within an armored dome. Rally flag – set guards or patrols on base for improved defenses. Engineer – multiple engineers allow you to build or upgrade multiple structures at once. Troop tarmac – displays trained units ready for battle. Storage bunker – protects resources from enemy attacks. Alliance building – use to ally with friends from around the world. Supply drop – collects supply drops from global reinforcements. Oil derrick – convers fossil fuels into useable energy.

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Empires and Allies –  cheats secret bug
the GRA is a terrorist organization threatening the world. It's up to you stop them. Your base defenses help stop enemies from raiding your supplies. Upgrade your HQ to unlock powerful new troops and weapons. Secure the world and stop the GRA terrorists. In scout mode, tap buildings to see their health and attack ranges. Use A-10s to destroy enemy guard towers. Troops that survive a battle are returned to your base. Use supplies to upgrade your buildings. Use fuel to reinforce your troops. Command points are refreshed for each battle. If the fight looks unwinnable, retreat to save your troops. Win by destroying at least 50% of the buildings or the HQ to collect resources. Destroy the enemy HQ to earn a victory star. Battle as much as you can before your battle momentum bonus runs out. While upgrading a defensive building, it is disabled.

how to enter hack cheats Empires and Allies.

1. lW8ltL7aid – command points
2. CaYSGoTD8O - fuel
3. RTGyGRakCc - supply
4. 2LQqKzJKhX – unlimited resources
5. CFMI8gUvnJ – instant building
6. S0mbGFhLaz - gold
7. SiV3ar5mok - upgrade

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