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Tears of Gods, the most valuable resource in Emporea. Some say it is the very essence of dead god. Myth or not, the power of these Tears is truly immense. The nations of Emporea fought over the tears for centuries, until this conflict destroyed all of Emporea. You are one of the survivors. Undead- destructive magic and dark necromancy. Not even death can stop them Orcs – rulers of brutal weapon force, best raiders. Dwarf – resistance and stamina. The best builders and constructors. Their battle machines are breathtaking. Elf – fastest in a fight, best in magic and research.

Emporea cheats android, ios hack codes

Emporea –  hack codes

Greetings sire, I am your chief counselor. Let's have a look at your city. It may be small now but together we'll shape it into a legendary stronghold. Mines constantly produce resources which are very important for the growth of your city. Archery court – this building enables you to produce archers and griffin riders. By improving it, you reduce the recruitment time of these units. Camps near your city are inhabited by bandits and monsters. Don't be afraid to attack them, you will find everything you need inside. Artifacts for your hero can also be found in camps. They improve his abilities and empower your army. Use your runes to upgrade your main buildings.

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Emporea –  cheats secret bug
Your army is hidden and is not defending the city, if ambushed by another player you will loose some of your resources. You need to research unit type in the laboratory to be able to recruit it. Strong and large army defines a powerful leader. Use your command points to raid camps and gain resources. We can find the resources on the map in various camps. During your adventure, you will see mission battles which differ from normal battles. Zombie mode – in this mode, there are no bosses and you must defeat a specific numbers of enemies. However, because there are no bosses, you will fight huge waves of enemies. The number of enemies you have to defeat are shown at the top part of the screen.

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1. Nfruix1tqp - gold
2. EXPr6ePnVW - runes
3. HeefjBrtGo - resources
4. LIAzdGNEfk – skill points
5. 67aKcs3SiA – 999 troops
6. WomsrVxdwc – speed up
7. zHhuOVA6yf – gems crystal

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