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Free hack Empyrion cheats code list - materials, stamina, gold, promo ticket, weapons, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Empyrion cheat world: greetings, commander! This is cheat-on reporting for duty. I am glad you survived the incident! My internal sensors studies indicate only minor damage to your suit. Although your vital signs are within normal parameters, studies indicate that disorientation after such incidents is to be expected.
To assist you, i have created a list of tasks, following the Robinson Protocol. During our descent, the sensors of the escape capsule detected an uninhabited structure close by.

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Mission details: i scanned the internal system of the suit. Some of the integrated utilities are non functioning but the critical ones are operational. I shall endeavor to repair or reconstruct them as we go. Technical advice for handling the survival suit mark II: the internal suit logistic system allows easy adding or swapping items and tools to and from your toolbelt via drag and drop or holding SHIFT + left mouse button click. This also works for emptying cargo containers.
The wireless command interface allows access of any device by just pointing at it and using button F. To show our communication feed press . (period). Use enter to close feed.

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I recommend adding some of the items to your toolbelt for quick access. Open your inventory (TAB) and drag and drop the items to the toolbelt on the bottom. You can also use SHIFT + left house button to move them. We need to reactivate the base first. Now go inside or stand on a block that is part of the base, which will activate the wireless command interface. Use the Y button on your keyboard to activate the base.
Pay attention to active generators. They produce a lot of heat - which will harm you over time, depending on your suits insulation level.

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I also managed to partially reconstruct the suits motorbike module and added it to your inventory but you’ll need to use the constructor to finish building it. Then we’ll use it to improve our mobility. First, open your inventory (TAB) and move the survival constructor to an empty slot in your toolbelt. Then go outside, select the slot where you put the survival constructor either by mouse wheel or with the number button.
When the constructor window has opened:
1. Move the motor bike construction kit to the survival constructor inventory.
2. Use the small symbol icons on the top right row to switch to the Device templates and select the motor bike.
3. Switch the device to ON in the upper middle screen and close the window with the X-button or by pressing F again.

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