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Endless Cards Cheats
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Your goal is to collect as many gold coins as possible during the game. To do this, you have to move your character on the cards on the game board. Move your character by sliding it in one of the 4 directions. Throughout your games, you will encounter different types of cards. The gold cards (yellow) will give you gold coins. Your objective is to collect as many gold coins as possible. The monster cards (purple) will inflict damage. When your health reaches 0, the game ends. Fortunately, there are healing cards (red) that restore your health.
Endless Cards Cards
The shield cards (blue) will give you protection. When you're hit, you will always lose your protection before loosing your health. Move around the game board and collect as many gold coins as possible. The cards you've already been through disappear, so it's impossible to go back the same way. Try to stay ahead and plan the best path. Number indicates the remaining moves you have to do before new cards are drawn. You have to survive until it reaches 0.
When you kill several monsters in a row, you'll make a combo that allows you to earn gold coins. The longer the combo, the better the reward. An item card has been drawn and is available on the game board. Item cards (green) are cards that trigger special effects. During the game, you can see the effects of these cards by clicking on them. By moving on an item card, it will go directly to your inventory. You can then use it whenever you decide to.
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