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The number of cards and decks owned varies between character. Each time you win a duel, deal damage with same ATK to the enemy. Draw a card at the start of each turn. If there's no card in your deck, you'll get hurt. The character's talent - gives a great advantage if used flexibly. Armor - can defy damage, will be restored after each combat. Win a duel with higher total points. Deal damage with same ATK to the enemy.

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If the sum of your card points exceeds that of your opponent, deal damage that equals your ATK. Click to set your card effects. Ambush - takes effect when card is destroyed. Map fragments can control your next steps. Use map fragments to go forward. Map fragments - it depicts the details of a nearby route and indicates the direction. +6 walk the corresponding number of steps.

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You picked up wild herbs and a large HP potion. Simply click on the items to restore your HP and SP. If your SP has fallen to zero, you will start to encounter negative effects. When encountering a strong enemy, starting the duel without using cards can give you a chance to defend (reduce 30 % damage). Armor recovers after each combat, so make full use of it. Don't be afraid of ATKs!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you've encountered an elite mob, defeating it will get you a blessing: 1 - permanently sets the max points of all your cards to +1; 2 - restore 10% HP after killing a monster; 3 - restore 20% initial armor to your current one at the beginning of your turn if your current armor is 0. Before the boss, there'll only be empty grids now. Don't forget to check out the bassive skills of different enemies. It will affect your battle.

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Tutorial Endless Road (wiki): you can only have up to three gems and three accessories. Don't letyour hunger take over, remember to eat. After death you can: choose character and skills. Spend coins to buy equipments which have been unlocked. You can preview the boss on the next floor.

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