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Free hack Endless Trainer Pokemon cheats code list - gold, materials, elite summon, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Endless Trainer Pokemon cheat world: to stop team rocket's evil plan, we need to get more Pokemon to battle them. Let's check the coming challenges one by one! You can do work to earn gold and train characters. Gold can be used in unit's level enhancement, improving pokemon's power. After activating work, we can obtain gold automatically and cyclically.

Endless Trainer Pokemon hack

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Want more gold? You can make work upgrade to obtain more rewards. Enhancing characters will improve its basic attributes. Enter the scene to search for units, very likely to get rare pokemon. Keep the pokemon searched twice recently, rare character shall appear more frequently via advanced search.

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Endless Trainer Pokemon hack elite summon
When more work is available, you can get more and more gold, and the unit is calculed by the rule of 1a=1000, 1b=1000a. Clearing stage 15 and activating reset. Reset to obtain reset reward. Return to stage 1 to claim reset reward. After clearing the stage, you can obtain milestone rewards. Reset it to obtain rewards again.

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Medal increases team level, and it has the same effect as all pokemon in the formation using gold to enhance 1 time. After accumulative reset 2 times, when you are offline you can also clear stages and reset stage automatically. Useful skill for some trainers!

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Characters: Spearow - base attack: flip wings to fire plumes to attack single enemy target from afar (attacking mage enemies prioritized).
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Tips to reapir durability Endless Trainer Pokemon, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

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