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Everything begins with a bloody solar eclipse. The sacred mountain is eclipsed. Evils go from nightmares to reality. The door of the abyss is wide open. Demon army broke the peace of the world. Humans struggled to seal the demons. But evil never goes far. Young knight lost the battle flag in battle. The glory of the knights cannot be violated. The vowed person was exiled. He wanders between the old city and the abyss. Tries to find lost glory. Fight, never stop...Submissive to fate is destined to be mediocrity.

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Light of hope - on a night afflicted by hunger, between dreams and awakenings, you see a warm glow in the woods not far away, and someone is whispering in your ears. Hunger forces you to go near the light to find a way of life. There are delicious dishes at the center of the light, making you cannot help munching on them. But as you eat, you feel something separated from your body as if it were eaten.

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Go to the store and buy cards. The key to increase your power is to design new card combination. After purchasing the cards, you can replace it in role configuration. Click on any one card to enter replace interface.
Click the icon on the map to choose the adventure route. Shuffle - if there are no cards in deck, the cards in your discard pile will be disrupted and put back into the deck.
Potions can be used in battle, and unused ones will be retained after battle. Whenever you add an skill into your deck, upgrade it.
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Basics: Block - when the enemy is about to attack you, play a defensive card to gain block. Block to reduce damage until next turn. Attack - defeat the enemy by playing cards in hand! Every card needs energy to play. When your energy runs out, end your turn. At the beginning of your turn, new cards will be drawn and energy will be restored. Intention - in your turn, you can see their intent above the enemy. If an enemy is going to attack you, don’t forget to block!

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Rogue - be careful with those demon hunters. They never show up for no reason and are always prepared. Knight - in the ceremony of the Wyrmrest land, every knight get a book with a valor medal on its cover. That is to remind them of their responsibility to pass down the code of knights. The knight embarks on a journey, defeats monsters, explores treasures, collects powerful relics and magical potions to equip himself as the strongest hunter.
Endless Abyss  tutorial

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