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The anciemt world of Middle-Earth was controlled by 6 arcane stones, Representing matter, energy, power, spirit, space and time respectively. As the pillars supporting the world, they benefited from each other and restrained each other. For years, the skirmishes between countries had never ceased. But because of the arcane stones, The world always kept a delicate balance. Yet, in the end, that balance was finally broken. The Dream Mage Morpheus who possessed the arcane stone of spirit, Fapricated a beautiful but deceptive future for everyone to see. He would seize all 6 stones to establish a new order in this world with his own will. The number of his believers kept growing. Even the dragons with their strong willpower, And the stone giants in their slumber under the ground Have all responded to his call. Morpheus's army conquered one city after another. They finally reached Castle Greenwich, the place where the stone of time rest.

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