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Oh snap, I'm down to my last few hit points again. His attack do so much damage - it's not fair! And his stupid attack pattern keeps changing every time! I've only got one life left - if I lose again I'm going all the way back to the start. I've got other things to do, I don't want to be trapped in here forever! If I can just stab him in the eye a few more times, then... maybe...I DID IT! HE'S DEAD! I finally finished the game! It only took me 23 tries to beat the final boss! I'm such a pro! This ending is kind of lame though. I spent weeks collecting every single item... and this is all I get?I hope there's more to it than this. WHAT THE HELL?! What the crap was that? Is Hope Harbor being invaded by pirates again? Nah, there's no way that pirates would have that much firepower... right?

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