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Epic Fantasy Great War cheat world: the great greek possesses strong national power in ints 30th year. But dark current is flowing under the prosperity and peace. The sprite God Aphrodite controls Morus with her charm, carrying out tyranny. She arrogates all powers to herself. Pain and fear spread over the land as darkness. As the hatred grows, people begin to find against the mosnters.

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In the meantime, the God World also sends Dionysus and his teammates to eliminate Aphrodite and protect the common people. The squad is defeated by the ancient Devil, losing the battle with Aphrodite. But the mysterious young man showed his astonishing power is taken back to Olympus by Dionysus. The God World learns that Aphrodite is in league with Devil world, so the plan to seal the demon begins. And the executor of this plan is that mysterious young man.

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Before the battle, we need to arrange the teammates. Put the Dionysus into the formation. We get a piece of gear in the last battle. Go to have a check now. The green + means there is a wearable gear. It seems that this gear is suitable for us. After equipping the gear equipment, the stats will be improved.

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Hero can be promoted after equipping all gear. Keep on collecting. There's a chance to encounter the new hero when fishing in the fishing stage. If your heroes in rear row die frequently, try to improve the ability of rear row. Joining a guild will increase bonus passive stats. After being online for a certain time, we can get a gift box from Hades.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: don't underestimate the function of supporting skills. Hp is low? Make sure not be locked by Linos! Quality from high to low: orane > purple > blue > green >white. Work hard to improve the quality. You can get plenty of rewards from the missions, don't forget to claim.

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Tutorial (wiki): you can't change your opponent after selecting in Universe secret. Attending universe secret to collect the talisman shards. The rear row is not always the safest position keep an eye on the battle situation. After clearing the level with 3 star, you can get rewards quickly through Blitz.

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