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Epic Heroes cheat world: To refresh your memory, watch and learn. First of all, you need some heroes to fight for ya! You'll find them in hero chests. Low level heroes come from silvershests: they have 1,2 or 3 stars. To open silver chests, you'll need silver keys. You can get more powerful heroes from golden chests, they have 3,4 or 5 stars. To open them, you'll need golden keys, gems or hack cheats code. Use your heroes in battle and find out how good they are.

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Minions won't join boss battles until your level is high enough. A hero accumulates energy by atacking and by being hurt. He will unleash a powerful attack when his energy bar reaches 100%. You can summon a new hero when you collect enough fragments. You need more purple souls, let's break down a low level hero. YOu need more heroes to unlock new maps. When you get stronger, you'll unlock more battle formation slots for your heroes.

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Characters: 1) Knight - A woman who disguised herself as a man to take to the battlefield. She uses her refined combat intuition to avoid strikes. 2) Archer - to appease the curse that plagues his form, the Cursed one often favors dealing the final blow on enemies that are near death. 3) Tank - no one on the battlefield is safe from the puppet Maid's spectral blades. 4) Killer - a robot developed by Harlek Ironworks that was specially designed to counter clerics.

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Don't forget to add more heroes if you can. Heroes will keep fighting and looting regardless of whether you're watching the battle or not. Click the hero icon to send him into battle. YOu can drag a hero icon to change its formation. Put your mage behind warriors to protect him. Heroes in the back line will have more chances to inflict damage.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: if you don't take your loot fast enough, goblin thieves will take it from you. Heroes will fight 8 hours for you but they also need to rest. Faction advantage increases damage by 30% and accuracy by 15%. There are a ton of gameplay systems to construct strategies around. With battlegrounds galore and dungeons aplenty, Den of Secrets, arena, guild, build up your team of heroes to take on numerous challenges that provide bountiful rewards!

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Tutorial Epic Heroes (wiki the maximum offline idling time is 8 hrs. Hack - you'll get more rewards every day by clicking here. Marketplace - there are powerful items for sale. Are there any possibilities for fighting alongside familiars ? Of course! Simply tap on the screen swiftly to defeat the various waves of enemies with your familiar's nonstop attack. (Find your surprise by constant tappingļ¼‰. Enjoy the highly addictive tapping feature, you never ever want to stop!

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