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Free hack Epic War cheats code list - gold, resources, speed up (instant), promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Epic War cheat world: welcome to this mystical kingdom. On this land, many legendary heroes will serve you. They will lead the troops when attacking on the enemy and expand territory under your command. Follow the main tasks at the beginning to learn how to build, research, train, battle and so on. We have prepared some gifts for you to start with which are sent to your backpack. Prepare to rule the kingdom and have a nice time!

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my lord, this is your city. You can upgrade the building, research technology or use other ways to develop your city. To guard our home, we need a strong army. Build an army camp first. Barracks - a place to train soldier. Upgrade to increase train capacity, capacity limit and train speed.

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Lord, please follow the recommended missions to get familitar with the game in the early stage to develop inner affairs of the city as soon as possible. Find partners and enhance strength.
The dragon has left its egg. A dragon will hatch when you get stronger for you to recruit. Develop your city, recruit the dragon and expand your territory.

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