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Epic Card Game controls: the objective of the game is to defeat your opponent by reducing their health to zero. To win, you have to play cards from your hand. You will need gold to play certain cards. You can view card details by tapping or holding on a card. Tap on Kong to view its details. The zoom screen - you can see the cost of a card in the top right corner. Every champion has an offense value (sword icon). Kong deals 13 damage in combat.

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Kong has 14 defense (shield icon). If it takes 14 damage in one turn, it is broken and put into the discard pile. Some units have a tribute ability. When this champion is played, you’ll get the effect. Tap outside the kong card to exit the zoom view. Drag your hero into play. Let’s use your Kong’s tribute ability on one of your opponent’s champions. When a soldier takes enough damage in one turn, it is broken and placed in the discard pile. Your Kong is deploying - notice the “sleep” indicator on the card. Deploying cards cannot attack, but can still block. You have no other choices to make turn? Tap the pass button to begin your opponent’s turn.

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In epic, at the start of every new turn, each player’s gold will return to 1. Your opponent is attacking with its demon token! Note that the token expended (turned sideways) to attack. Expended cards cannot attack again or block. Right now it is attacking your health. Block the attack by dragging your Kong to the combat zone. Tap Pass cheat code to block with this card. Kong flipped to block the demon token attack. It can’t block again this turn. Now the demon will attack Kong instead of you. Notice that the demon token took 13 damage from Kong’s offense value. The demon token breaks because it has only 4 defense.
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When tokens are broken, they are removed from play instead of being placed in the discard pile. Kong also took 4 damage from the demon token’s offense, but it is not broken because it has 14 defense. Tap the “start your turn” button to end your opponent’s turn and start yours. At the start of your turn, you will: draw a new card, prepare your champions, refresh your gold. Tribute means when this card comes into play, you gain the effect.

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