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Epic Islands Game story: greetings, master! At last, after long years of roaming, we have found proper place to settle our new home. This place doesn’t look appropriate for such a hero your are. But we will fix it with my assistance. First of all, we have to develop an army. Follow my hints to construct barracks: tap to open bilding store; tap on building to start its construct. Tap to confirm barracks’ construction. Finish the process immidiatelly by using crystals.

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Now we have building where you can hire. Your first troops are simple yet effective swordsmen. Their advantages are low cost of hire and preparation time. Now use barracks to hire swordsmen. It is time now to expand your domain and test new born army in real action. Attack the fort on free islands and gain first victory in battle. All hired troops take part in combat. But it is not necessary to use them all at once. It is worth to remember that troops who survive combat will remain in your army.

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The very basis of any kingdom - its economy. It means collecting and storing resources required to kingdom’ development. First of all, my lord, pay attention for Ether. You will spend ir for hiring and training your troops. So let’s go shopping to constructor Ether catcher. From now on we always have enough resources to hire troops. We only should build Ether flask to store produced Ether. As far we set the production, it is time to expand your army. You should upgrade barracks to level. We are on the way to prosperity. But now i have to leave you for a while. I prepare a to-do list, so you don’t get bored.
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Remember to check it often to be notified about need of your kingdom. Send troops in expeditions for resources. Remember that troopers can be fallen during tours and can not be used in other battles. Easy walk - send some of your troops in first expedition for additional resource. Chief treasures - savages often dig thief preys deep in the ground. And then forget the places. Beyond clouds - Valkyries like magpies, love everything brilliant. Like Gold, flasks with mercury and ether. Neither your nor ours - find part of savage’s treasures before robbering rattling.

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