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The place where every story in the world gathers. Every fiction, non-fiction created by man, and fragments of history all gathers here in Plotia, the country of stories. People called the queen who rules Plotia, queen of Dream. One day, people who fell asleep while reading books started dreaming. Whoever started dreaming could not wake up and went into a coma... Your dream belongs to me grom this moment, as well as your stories..forever. You will never escape here.
Oh, a new soul has been summed again. Hey, you, do you mind helping me out if you have time for zoning out?

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All souls and monsters have one element, from water, fire, tree, or earth, which have different colors. Using souls with elemental advantage will be the key to victory. You can get help by summoning reputation soul of your friend. You can choose the soul on the list before starting a battle, and it will be automatically summoned when one of your soul dies. How to set reputation soul: on or off hack cheats codes at the soul menu, or change at the profile from the main menu. How to set profile: maximum of 7 soul (1 reputation soul, 1 soul per each class) can be registered. Number of summons: 1 soul per a friend can be summoned once a day.

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1. taUr87 - level up
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Souls who join the battle can obtain experience by clearing stages but using growth stone allows easy and quick level up. Skill can be enchanted by using skillbook (skill book codes - VD9UPB) and class tokens (class tokens hack -8mnA32). Skillbook can be obtained at arena, and class token at temple of hero. Soul pieces (soul pieces cheat - 1qRnE2) are used as upgrade materials for souls. Maximum level and number of rune slot increase on soul upgrade.
Increase ability (physical, magical attack, physical, magical defense, accuracy, evade rate, critical rate, attack speed, penetration) - Egn1uX. Unlock costumes - pDvz1a. Sweep codes - 2nWCuX.
Maximum of 4 potential attribution can be added when equipment is enchanted to +3,+6, +9. Potential attribution can be changed by using attribution change ticket or equipment of same part, class or tier. Attribution can be fixed using attribution lock ticket.
Epic Souls wiki
Hero Lust (3 stars), code - 4PntkD. Denies to be called as God of Lust. Easily loses interest and look for someone else upon fully grasping a person. Known as God of Lust by the abandoned people.
Titania - iUaBx5. Queen of the fairies ruling over the forest. Built a love flower garden after finding out that rubbing the love flower’s juice on eyes let the user fall in love with the first person she sees.
Character Charlotte - klESnn. Famous as the red riding hood. Met a wolf on the way to visiting her grandmother. Playful and clever girl with a four mouth. Learned to have a foul mount from grandmother.

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Epic Souls tips
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Use spells, codes, minions, enchantments, runes, relics and artifacts to defeat your targets. Every play could mark the difference between victory and defeat. Your deck is not restricted to a single class or faction, opening a world of limitless possibility. Every legendary card can be earned through play or enter cheat AyJKi8, and you can build your collection in any way you choose! A variety of PvE modes provide daily rewards, while an equal variety of PvP modes let you test your skill against the ultimate opponent - other players!
souls - z6TJT8
necklace box codes - zJusC1
welcome gift hack - 49vKqX
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rage - 8acgnb
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tree - J6OGaa
water - uZLHL5
earth - w56aOq
Leader trait:
NNOUlU - increase all allies’ maximim health points.
k0pyeA - reflect 15% of magical attack damage received by allies.
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growth stone (exp) - BrWX64;
magic powder - MyYYb9;
gem - 4f7RfU;
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