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Rise’n shine man, we’re here. Are you from another planet? I have already received your powers, here you’re going to have a huge impact on this world. Let us go, it’s time! The dark magic has captured one too many heroes, i have heard that the aliens have the power to wipe out the dark. Why don’t you try helping out that warrior over there, and see if he’d then be willing to join our forces. Synthesize 20 pieces of cheat fragments into a 3 star hero.

Epic Summoners 2 hack

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Indeed it seems you are not the ordinary fighter, but the next battle is going to even tougher. We have just obtained secret items, which can upgrade our powers. Oh and another thing, that hack key in your pocket is magical, as it can summon heroes in the magic code. Why don’t you go and try it out. Our team is now outnumbered, as the next battle is going to ven more fierce.

Epic Summoners 2 cheats, hack codes

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Great, another new member has joined us! But don’t ever forget about those rewards for the exploring team. Let’s go and claim them now. The ultimate reward of an online gift is a 5 star hero agent Q.
Hold on a second. I hear a voice calling out to me. We have to move now. I feel the voice calling is the voice of my lover. I saw her, she wasn’t far, i had hoped that we could still make it, but the magic of the Dark can make you lose your mind and turn you into a monster.
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We did it! Thank you for your help, my lover has finally been freed from the control of the Dark. Thanks to your alien, my friend. I don’t know where the alien gets his powers, but all i know is that he is the only one that can save her. I shall from now on call you my summoner. In the ancients times there were a group just like you, who came and lead us to defeat the dark, and i truly believe that you can too. Let us set off to battle. The time has come!

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Match up hundreds of different heroes. Create infinite amount possible strategies. Use integrative skills to crush your opponent. Embark on this all new journey together. Become the master of tactics.
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