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Charming magic beasts in android game will aid you in the toughest battles, heal your wounds, increase your damage and defense, and simply please your eyes. The world is so vast it will take a while to capture even from the height of a griffin flight. It is the perfect place to explore unique landscapes, solve mysteries, search for hidden treasures alone or alongside your friends. Make your history.

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Characters: warrior - protecting their allies or ravaging their enemies, warriors are always the frontline of any battle. Shaman - use their spirit affinity to heal allies and destroy enemies, and to summon elemental creatures to assist them in battle. Mage - are masters of elements. They unleash powerful spells and wreak havoc on the battlefield. Priest - can heal the direst of wounds and even bring the dead back to life. Wielding the power of their gods, priest are capable of inflict massive holy damage aswell.

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Assassin - are masters of stealth and ambushes. Living by the cloak and dagger they are as elusive as they are deadly. Witch - are masters of dark magics. They can afflict their foes with potent curses and summon powerful demons to aid them. Archer - always keep their enemies at a distance. Their rapid movement makes them perfect at striking enemy rear lines. Druid - are masters of shapeshifting. Their high defense and health makes them perfect at holding enemies at bay.

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