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Warrior, one of the power adjutant of Tiamat - Turas is leading his troops to attack my shrine, once the shrine falls, it will endanger the immorgon palace. Help us, defeat the enemy, and hold the last defense.
This is the immorgon palace, our remaining forces gathered around here, sworn to resist the endless evil out there. Warrior, Dragonish is a strong spell of dragon Aio, it contains immense power.

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When Aio is separated, Dragonish were infused into each colossal dragon’s mind, and protected by them. Collecting dragonish, can protect this world, also, ruining everything. Dragonish is a strong spell of Dragod Aio, it contains immense power. When Aio is separated, Dragonish were infused into each colossal Dragon’s mind, and protected by them. Collecting dragonish, can protect this world, also, ruining everything.

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1. 6R3OR7AQN0 - level up
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Characters: mage - he was born in magical kingdom, common magic could not satisfy him anymore. He leaned whenever he could, eventually he found out that dragonish was the strongest magic, and he started his journey for power.
Wold fighter - leader of the viking tribe, daemon invaded their domain, slayer the villagers, took away his daughter, for the tribe and lost daughter, he started his path of revenge.

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Assassin - the ranger was human, died in war, Daemon king revived her, turned her into a member of Ghost assassin, but she slowly recalled her true identity, and the revenge began.
Skills: shield bump - lift up the shield and dash forward, and deal damage to enemies along the way. Gods befall - pray for the power of god, and deal AOE damage.

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Lucky hunt, explain: 1. Complete any 1 hunt, increases all server lucky pts by 1. 2. The higher the lucky pts, all players will have higher chance to draw huge prize, where the chance caps at 500%. 3.Whenever a player draws a lucky pts huge prize, the lucky pts resets and needs to re-accumulated. 4. When a single player accumulates 100 draws, a rare reward is guaranteed, the accumulated draws is then reset.
Era Origin  tutorial

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