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Working as a detective is easy! Here i am riding a submarine on my way to new island. Well this looks bad! That nasty shark really took care of the window. Let’s have a closer look. I’ll tap on this spot to zoom in. I need to find something to stop the leak. Let’s slide this door open and look around. Ok, now i’ll tap the back button to zoom out and see the big picture.

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Good job! Now i am going to search the submarine for a solution to our little problem. This looks interesting, i’ll tap on an object to collect it. Nice valve, but i can’t stop the leak with it, i must continue my hunt. I can tap on the key to select it, and then tap on the door to unlock it. Success! Let’s slide these 2 shirts and have a peak at what’s behind them!

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A map piece? I should collect all 74 missing pieces. Here;s a trick - i’ll tap on one item to select it, and then tap on a second item to combine them. Good, now tap on the other item to combine them and make something more useful. Duct tap band - i am a genius, i can use this to stop the water leak.
And we are here! I’ll go open the hatch now and our adventure can finally start.
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Gameplay, Chapter 2: That’s one playful monkey! Anyway, i have to get to the lighthouse, i will have a better view from up there. Monkey are the worst!
Lights out: the old comrade seems to be in bad shape. I better help him first, and then ask for directions.
Chapter 4 (Clinic complication): this place makes me depressed. And the grumpy lady in the corner isn’t helping.

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  • fish and feathers: i could sit here all day and enjoy the view, but i have work to do.
  • Mermaid musical: nobody back at home will believe me when i tell them about this place.
  • Beach boom: a little party never nobody, byt the situation here has gone bananas!
  • Level 9: bridge to the rich - this mansion is like a fortress, i have to smarten up to pass the gates.

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The puzzle game looks beautiful on new 18:9 phones and also shines on tablet devices. Enjoy stunning and astoundingly detailed cartoon graphics that look splendid.
If you love puzzle games, you will not miss such a wonderful challenge! Unforgettable and fascinating room escape levels, for all of the adventure fans out there.
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