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eSports Legend Game story: that was the last game of my career, the champion is only one step away from me! But the pain in the wrist caused me to play badly. In the end we lost. I am reluctant to retire with me all day, and my life seems to have lost momentum. Until one day...
”Hello there! I am the founder of the Ninthall team. I understand that your hand injury makes you no longer active as a player, but your years of experience is an irreplaceable asset. SO i want to invite you to be the manager of our team. If you still have a championship dream, come join us!” A new battlefield, i think it’s time to reconnect, the legend will never die!

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Today is your first day as cheat team direction of NintHall. I’ll be advising you starting from today. Tough our team hasn’t been around for long, i hope we can build a worldwide phenomenon together! The players are about to arrive at the base. As the team director, be sure to check their information. Players who’ve already arrived at abse have started free practice. They’re certainly motivated. Free practice gets players experience. Use experience to level up players. Leveling up increases player stats. We have to provide more efficient methods for training than just free practice if we want to be a truly competitive team.

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Now is a good time to hire a coach! With the help of coaches, we can start special training. Open manage> player management> hire staff to hire a coach. As staff, coaches produce work points. Collect enough points to schedule different actions. Coaches can have players undergo special training, a fast way to increase player stats. Add different special projects to increase different stats. Pick a training regimen that suits a player’s position. Open schedule>coach>special training to begin. This special training was a real success! With coach Chris’s meticulous guidance, the player have made visible progress!
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Now we can start to expand the team. Players are the core of a team and the cornerstone of winning games. If you’re looking for a good player, you’ll need a captain first. She’ll do all the negotiation work. Open manage> player management>hire staff to hire a manager. With a manager like Joanna, a ton of really great players will join our team. Now open schedule>management>player negotiations to begin. Now that we’ve worked everything out, you just have to sigh the contract. It takes a certain amount of funds to sign a contract with a player. Our salary cap will also be reduced.

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Ban and pick section - since this is you first game, you cna either select auto or manual. First, let’s ban a champion. You can check champion pool of the opponent to know more. The best choice is to ban the champion with high proficiency degree.
Although we can’t play ourselves, we can use our guidance to set strategies to control the team. Pay attention to the hot steak bar. When is is full, select a player’s avatar to send them on a hot steak. Players on hot steaks gain bonuses to stats. In a critical moment, it can lead to victory. If we master these skills, i believe we can defeat any opponent! T96HCY - supply box
pZfab4 - treasure chest
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Hack eLjxiI - artifacts
Cheat JrrGa1 - evade
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Battle strategy:
Conservation - players will fight more cautiously. They are also easier to retreat and won’t dive. Aggression - player fight more actively, and won’t retreat easily.
Jungle strategy: Growth - jungling players will tend to farm them selved, and gank less. Stroll - jungling players will sacrifice growth time and gank more frequently.
Push strategy - push top players will choose a road with no teammates and destroy the enemies’ barracks. Regiment - after destroying the enemy’s outer tower on the initial line, the players tend to gather in the middle road. how and where enter

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