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Build a team from scratch and start in the lowest division. Former esports player starts a new career as a manager. A new team will be created to complete in League of heroes, the most popular MOBA game in recent times. Although the team will begin in the Bronze league, the owners want it to become the best team and win the PRO league! Will they do it? Your team will be starting on the bronze league, the 6th division of league of heroes.

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Hello player, this will be your new home during the team’s pre season! If you prove your worth, we’ll provide a new place before the league starts. We, the board of directors, will help you take the first steps on your path to glory. First, you have to learn how to move around the house. Move the camera by dragging one finger. Zoom your camera just by joining and separating two fingers. Get your players ready because we’ve scheduled a friendly match tomorrow.

Esports Life Tycoon cheats, hack codes

The first thing you should do is analyse your opponent. The scouting task will help unveil several opponent characteristics and you’ll be able to do this task while at home. You have found the rival’s team chemistry and can perform this task on your own from now on. During a match, team chemistry will determine which team will perform an attack. Try to enter matches with a team chemistry value equal or higher than the opposing team. Ouch.. your players are running out of stamina while performing tasks. Low stamina means your players are tired.
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Pay attention to your players’ mood because it will affect their performance during matches and their rating will decrease. Make sure your players are rested before the match starts. A mood icon means that the player is unwell. A player’s rating will decrease when they’re not feeling well. Tell your players to rest to recover stamina. As you can see, they need to rest or their mood will impact their skills. Now keep improving team chemistry for tomorrow’s match. End of day! Your characters rest and recover stamina at night.

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Your players and heroes get experience points after each match. Players have a gold, silver or bronze potential which means how good they can become. Rival formation - this will be a slight advantage in resolve match mode but it will be crucial information when playing a match.
The owners want the team to be famous worldwide, so we need to start getting followers. Now you can send your players to hype up the next match. You’ll get a lot of followers if your players set great expectations on their social networks before a match. The hype task motivates your units to get more followers. RyAEBC - supply box
el1wKt - treasure chest
U8xQvn - multiplayer
OHPA0U - vip status
VoBUaC - star tokens
Hack V1h2jS - artifacts
Cheat 0P2Mjw - evade
NgRMZX - elite ticket
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THe new season will bring expenses like payroll, rent, equipment. We need to get money! How can we do it? We’ll give you cash for each victory, depending on the hype created before every match, you can get an extra bonus of money. Increase hype, get lots of followers and money each win. Your characters have special skills and get experience points after each match. Each player has 4 skills which can be leveled up through experience points after each match, To improve a player access their player tab when they get a new skill point and assign it.
Ooops, it seems that 2 players are not getting along after the match and one of them is angry. A bad mood will decrease player performance drastically, so try to fix this issue ASAP. Let’s assign individual tasks to our player to find a solution. Remember that the team rating will decrease if player rating drops. Horeover ,team tasks will be carried out slowly if there are fewer than 5 players performing them (or use cheat code).
There’s a conflict between two of your players. Click one of them and get them to your office. Now the players will express their views on the conflict and you need to help them. Every issue has several red squares that you’ll need to turn green in order to fix it. Each individual task will give green squares to resolve the issue and you can repeat the same task as many times as you want. how and where enter

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